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The official selections for kimff 2016 short movie competition 'Strengthening Nepal’s Public Services' are:

  • Kalo Gurash (Black Rhododendron) by Obhaso S.S. Shakya
  • Majhigaun (The Majhi Village) by Manju Bhatta
  • Sawari by Bishnu Kalpit
  • A day in the life of kanchi by Ashin Poudel
  • Ghatto (Motor) by Amesh Bhandari
  • Mission Safer House by Ishwor Koirala
  • In My town by Shyam Karki

Kimff Launches “Strengthening Public Services in Nepal” Short Film Competition


In a healthy and functioning democracy, one of the yardsticks to measure development is how public services are delivered and whether they meet community expectations. Public services include: public health, education, utility services, transportation and others. These services are part of any government’s manifesto and the services are delivered by both the private and government sectors, but do these provisions go far enough and are they robust enough to meet the needs of a modern capital city of over three million people and a country of over 27 million people?

In Nepal, it is no secret that these services are sub-standard and fail to meet the statutory requirements of the population. This environment of sub-standard services are directly linked to rampant corruption, inefficiency and a lack of monitoring which creates a climate where politicians and private delivery partners collude to take advantage of and often innocent and voiceless population.

As always it is the public that bears the brunt of the cost in terms of poor quality and service delivery, increased prices and unsafe mechanisms. Those people in power rarely suffer.

The Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) and the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (kimff) invite you to submit your films to ‘Strengthening Nepal’s Public Service' short film competition! This is your opportunity to voice your opinions!

For 2016 kimff is calling on Nepali filmmakers to create short thought provoking films that challenge the way the public services operate in an effort to create positive change and to start a dialogue with the service providers and the Nepal government to work towards a better and more functional and safer public service delivery.

We are looking for creative, original, and visually engaging films between 3 to 5 minutes in length, looking at the state of Nepal's public services, and demonstrate how this can change.

Take this opportunity to make your voice heard, a picture Is worth a 1000 words, make every second of your film count, prizes to win and challenges to be met!


  • Entry is free. Films must be of the best possible quality and will be accepted only in DVD format. Entries without the duly filled-in entry form will not be considered. Films once entered cannot be withdrawn. The cost of mailing the films to the competition organizers must be covered by the entrants themselves. The organizers will not be responsible for any loss, damage, and/or delay of films in transit.
  • Entries submitted must be entirely the entrant's own work. By participating in this competition the entrant warrants that he/she is the exclusive owner of the entry, including any copyright in the entry. Any plagiarism discovered at any stage of the competition will immediately render the entry invalid.
  • Employees of the competition organizers/ sponsors are not eligible to participate.
  • Filmmakers must give due credit to the story source/persons/ institutions who have contributed to the film.
  • Films must not contain any obscene, unlawful or objectionable material. The film should not be discriminatory on the grounds of religion, ethnicity, caste or gender.
  • Copyright of all films submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. However, by entering this competition the filmmakers grant the organizers and sponsors (Himal Association and ASD), perpetual license to broadcast /screen their films during and after the competition, as and when required, for non-commercial purposes. The filmmakers will be credited during such use.
  • The dispatching of any film to the competition implies acceptance of the competition regulations. In case of any controversy on a matter not covered in the regulations, the competition organizers will decide on appropriate action. The organizer's decision shall be final.
  • If films are made in Nepali they must be subtitled or dubbed in English.


All entries must reach the competition organizers in Kathmandu by 4:00 pm 18 November, 2016.


Trophies, along with citations, will be awarded for overall excellence to the winners of the three best films, which demonstrate originality and topical relevance on the selected theme. A three- member jury will select the ten best films that will be part of the main kimff 2016 program in Kathmandu and Travelling kimff 2017.

Winners of the top three shorts will receive cash awards:

  • 1st Prize – NRs. 80,000
  • 2nd Prize – NRs. 60,000
  • 3rdPrize – NRs. 40,000

The top ten shorts will be packaged into a DVD entitled ‘Strengthening Public Services in Nepal’ and will be used by Himal Association/ ASD for communication and outreach purposes.


Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (kimff)
Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Tel: 4440635
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