The International Alliance for Mountain Film

The International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) was instituted to promote, enhance and conserve mountain cinematography through communal projects that would flank or be incorporated into the regular institutional activities of the member bodies.

In 2008, KIMFF became a member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF), which today is a network of 22 members, with 21 mountain film festivals and a museum, which represent 17 countries of Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

Over the years the IAMF has been presented in a number of communal events, while important exchanges of collaboration and meetings have occurred.

Along its shared path, the IAMF, which includes the most prestigious operators in the sector among its Members, has successfully made a name for itself and has become the main reference point for those who produce, make, promote and conserve mountain film.

Internationals Bergfilm-Festival Tegernsee Tegernsee, Germany

Since: 2003

The Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, founded in 2003, takes place every October. An international jury awards the Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee, further monetary prizes in the categories of Mountain Experience, Mountain Nature, Mountain Life, in a special category with alternating thematic focus, and to a young director. “Special Mentions” are conferred to the “Most Convincing Landscape Pictures”, the “Best Camera”, the "Exceptional Film", as well as a “Viewers’ Choice Award”.

Director: Michael Pause
Rathausplatz 1, D-83684 Tegernsee, Germany
T. ++49.8022180153
F. ++49.8022180122
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medzinarodny Festival Horskych Filmov Poprad Poprad, Slovakia

Since: 1993

The Festival’s mission is to develop and promote the values of mountain cinematography. It offers spectators not only a symbolical “window on the world” but also tries to steer their interest towards protecting nature and the environment, and towards the sports and cultures of foreign nations. Thus, it stimulates them to assume collective responsibility for the state of the world around us. Through stories of people featured in films that are screened, it tries to inspire spectators to overcome their own inner problems and also to alter their points of view about the priorities in life and their orientation to values.

Director: Marie Hamorova
Horsky Film Poprad n.f., Nábrezie J. Pavla II.
2802/3, 05801 Poprad, Slovakia
T. ++421.52.7721060
F. ++421.52.7761806
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Festival Of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical" Moscow, Russia

Since: 1996

Moscow International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films “Vertical” has been held Annually since 1998. We invite films about mountains, and about all kinds of adventure and the extreme to compete in five different sections. The categories are: mountaineering, sport-extreme, adventure, mountain and wild nature, fiction and animation films.

Director: Yury Baykovsky
4, Sirenevy Boulevard, 105122 Moscow, Russia
T. ++7.499.1665695
F. ++7.499.1665695
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festival dei Festival Lugano, Switzerland

Since: 1993

Lugano, a wonderful Swiss town south of the Alps, is host to the Festival dei Festival. The purpose of this meeting is above all to spread mountain film and culture. Every year it invites the Festivals adhering to the International Alliance for Mountain Film to present their award-winning pictures. The Festival proposes historic exhibitions, conferences, alpine literature, meetings with schools, and debates, as well as thematic meetings. Since 2002 the international contest also show samateur videos and organizes a mountain literature competition.
Festival dei Festival is a founding member of the IAMF.

Director: Marco Grandi
c/o Marco Grandi, CH-6937 Breno TI, Switzerland
T. ++41.91.6091096
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festival du Film des Diablerets, Montagneexploits-environnement Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Since: 1969

The Diablerets Film Festival is a must in the mountain world. Screening of new films about mountains, exploits and the environment are proposed every evening. A topic is broached every year by the Festival’s director and his guests at the daily screenings at the end of the afternoon. Freeride will also be on the programme at the opening weekend. In addition to the tent bar, a giant screen, two climbing walls, exhibitions and a library will add to the spirit of this eight-day Festival.

Director: Jean-Philippe Rapp
CP 3, CH-1865 Les Diablerets, Switzerland
T. ++41.24.4922040
F. ++41.24.4922348
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kendal Mountain Film Festival Kendal, Great Britain

Since: 1986

The Kendal Mountain Festival takes place every autumn in the English Lake District, the birth place of British mountaineering. Started in 1980, this internationally renowned event attracts film premieres from (premieres from) around the globe. Film-makers, adventurers, lecturers and thousands of enthusiasts gather to take part in three packed days of the very best films, speakers, books and exhibitions covering all aspects of mountain sports culture. Plus it’s THE main social event for outdoor people in the UK.

Directors: Matt Burke / Steve Scott / Clive Allen
Riverside Centre
Yard 39 – Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4ED, UK
T. +44(0)1539732567
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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