Program Schedule (7th December, Friday)
Rastriya Sabha Griha

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12:00 PM Kimff 2018 Opening/ Special Screening - (by invitation only)
Mountain (74 mins)
dir. Jennifer Peedom | Australia 2017 A unique cinematic and musical collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and BAFTA-nominated director Jennifer Peedom, Mountain is a dazzling exploration of ourobsession with mountains.
3:00 PM RJ Ripper (20 mins)
dir. Joey Schusler | Nepal/ USA 2018 The rise of gritty Nepali biker Rajesh (RJ) Magar, one of Asia’s fastest mountain bikers.
Dolpa Diary (20 mins)
dir. Prasuna Dongol | Nepal 2018 A young woman battles her inner demons as she solo treks across Dolpo.
Moksha (25 mins)
dir. Francesca Weikert/ Taylor Killian | USA 2018 Three Nepali women Roja, Usha and Nishma trail blaze the way and find freedom through mountain biking.
5:00 PM Small Carnivores in Eastern Nepal (6 mins)
dir. Jeevan Rai | Nepal 2018 Armed with a GoPro Hero5 and camera traps, Nepali researchers and locals discover fascinating wildlife in the country’s Tinjure-Milke- Jaljale area.
The Riyalists (58 mins)
[work in progress] dir. Kesang Tseten | Nepal 2018 A decade after making ’In Search of Riyal’, filmmaker Kesang Tseten revisits four migrant workers revealing the personal and social forces that shape migrant trajectories.…
6:30 PM A Road (9 mins)
dir. Kalvira Akchalova | Kyrgystan 2017 A young boy, with much trepidation, sets out on a journey to reunite with his father.
Ananta Yatra (The Eternal Journey (15 mins)
dir. Sunil Pandey | Nepal 2016 An elderly woman dies suddenly in an earthquake, she embarks on an eternal journey of salvation.
Kertas Merah (Red Paper) (15 mins)
dir. Revin Palung | Indonesia 2017 In a tale with a twist a young girl undergoes a traditional ‘Red Paper’ test to prove she’s a virgin bride.
Maa - Mother (25 mins)
dir. Parichhed Sen | Nepal 2017 A village woman from Laprak Gorkha desperately needs a pair of slippers; her son desires a pair of shoes.

Program Schedule (8th December, Saturday)
Rastriya Sabha Griha

11:00 AM Namlo (14 mins)
dir. Maheshwar Sambahamphe | Nepal 2018 A young man is in a quandary about following in his father’s footsteps.
Silver Bangles (15 mins)
dir. Roshan Bikram Thakuri | Nepal 2017 A woman takes extreme measures in order to save her childless marriage.
About a Girl (7 mins)
dir. Manish Niraula | Nepal 2018 A high school girl can’t speak about a traumatic incident she experiences on the bus.
Supermonk (19 mins)
dir. Shenang Gyamjo Tamang | Nepal/ Taiwan 2018 An engaging tale of a little monk whose life takes a dramatic turn – just like in the movies.
1:00 PM Katha ’72 (The Story of ’72) (89 mins)
dir. Prabin Syangbo | Nepal/ South Africa 2018 In the aftermath of a cataclysmic earthquake Palden embarks on a journey of inner discovery and closure with his estranged family.
3:00 PM Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey (96 mins)
Dave O’Leske | USA 2017 The untold story of a rebel athlete, iconic mountaineer, and outdoors cult hero.
5:00 PM Tirkha (The Thirst) (5 mins)
dir. Bhabasagar Ghimire | Nepal 2018 A young girl thirsts for knowledge but struggles to be on time at school.
The Next Guardian (74 mins)
Arun Bhattarai/ Dorottyo Zurbo | Bhutan 2017 In a remote village in Bhutan, Gyembo and his sister Tashi share their dreams which are far removed from their family’s expectations.

Program Schedule (9th December, Sunday)
Rastriya Sabha Griha

11:00 AM Pure Land in Mortal World (94 mins)
dir. Kalsang Nima/ Ye Jua | China 2016 A slice of life from Lokmar village in rural Shigatse where former monks lead a pastoral and pious life.
1:30 PM The Stained Flag (8 mins)
dir. Dhanraj Barkote | Nepal 2018 A young women ventures out to look for her husband during a Maoist insurgency and is caught in the crossfire.
A Thousand Girls Like Me (76 mins)
dir. Sahra Mani | Afghanistan 2018 Khatera, a young Afghan woman, struggles for justice against Halim, the father of her children. (PG)
3:30 PM Mothered by Mountains (16 mins)
dir. Renan Ozturk | Nepal 2017 What happens when mountaineer Pasang Akita Sherpa and grunge musician Sarina Rai take a road trip to Manang?
Bloody Phanek (48 mins)
dir. Sonia Nepram | India 2017 How is Phanek, the exclusive attire of Manipuri Women, used as a medium of protest, considered impure and believed to challenge masculinity? (PG)
5:15 PM Rubina by Night (13 mins)
dir. Miranda Morton Yap | Nepal/ USA 2018 A transgender model’s candid perspectives on life. (PG)
Raasleela (Dance of Divine Love) (13 mins)
dir. Sahara Sharma | Nepal 2018 Radha, a conservationist, devises an ingenuous plan to save a rhino the village is determined to capture.
The Absence of Apricots (49 mins)
dir. Daniel Asadi Faezi | Germany/ Pakistan 2018 In a remote village in northern Pakistan, generations tell stories of cataclysmic floods that displaced entire villages many years ago. (PG)

Program Schedule (10th December, Monday)
Rastriya Sabha Griha

11:00 AM Undiscovered (3 mins)
dir. Sara Litzenberger | USA 2017 The Sasquatch monster is on a quest to get a good photo of himself – often with comic results.
Tears of Rain (8 mins)
dir. Esmaeel Abbasi | Iran 2018 An army of ants are saving for a rainy day when humans enter the picture...
Welniaki (Wool World) (10 mins)
dir. Joanna Polak | Poland 2018 Have you ever wondered what life would be in a world made of wool?
Viacruxis (11 mins)
dir. gnasi Lopez Fabregas | Spain 2018 In this humorous short two friends with different temperaments set out to climb a mountain.
Subway Commute (11 mins) dir. Redic Hsu | Taiwan 2018 A man feels lost on a routine subway commute.
12:30 PM The Great Mukhiya (13 mins)
dir. Ashin Poudel | Nepal 2017 The autocratic head of a village commissions a city photographer to take the first ever picture of him and his family.
Tattini (The Moon is Bright Tonight) (17 mins)
dir. Abinash Bikram Shah | Nepal/ Myanmar 2018 The young widow of a migrant worker wants to start a new life with her husband’s insurance money but is challenged by her father-in-law.
Chidra (40 mins)
dir. Nadav Harel | India 2018 Every couple of years, Ram Nath a highland peasant from Kullu, transforms into a powerful redeemer in a mysterious purification ritual ‘chidra’.
2:00 PM Post Earthquake (Rebuilding in the Himalaya) (16 mins)
dir. Pradip Pokharel/ Sonam Lama | Nepal 2018 Sonam, an architect from Gorkha, combines modern technology with local knowledge to rebuild villages after an earthquake.
Tierra del Viento (Land of the Wind) (18 mins)
dir. Laura Belinky | UK 2017 A beautiful road trip with fine-art photographer Eliseo Miciu as he sets out to capture Patagonia’s moving soul.
Solo in Volo (Only by Air) (31 mins)
dir. Gianluca Maspes | Italy 2018 Italian mountain guide and helicopter pilot Maurizio Folini tests the limits in high altitude rescue in Nepal.
3:30 PM Gatlang - Happiness, Hardship and other Stories (90 mins)
dir. Pen - Ek Ratanaruang/ Passakorn Pramunwong | Thailand 2018 A group of filmmakers encounter life and much more in the Nepali hinterland.
5:30 PM 4 Hours (15 mins)
dir. Ashma Pokharel | Nepal 2018 An insight into the world of dialysis and the individuals sustained by it.
Tomorrow or When? (61 mins)
dir. Su Su Hlaing | Myanmar 2017 Despite threats from battling Kachin and Myanmar militaries, U Yaw Htung returns to his village for his cows to pay his sons’ school fees.

Program Schedule (11th December, Tuesday)
Rastriya Sabha Griha

11:00 AM “Mountains Matter: A Call from the Himalayas” – Climbers and Conservationists Share their Inspiring Stories
Presented by WWF Nepal on the Occasion of International Mountain Day – Free Entry
1:00 PM Travel is an Attitude Short Film Competiton Screening / Awards – Free Entry
2:30 PM Curry (25 mins)
dir. Milan Poudel | Nepal 2018 24-year-old Bholu’s suppressed wrath manifests in a violent and unprecedented chain of events. (PG)
Marisakeko Manche (The Man Who Died Once) (48 mins)
dir. Bidhya Chapagain/ Kamal Kumar| Nepal 2018 Tragic circumstances bring together the wife and the mother of two migrant workers - one from the east, the other from far-west Nepal.
4:15 PM kimff 2018 Awards Special Screening – Fine Lines (96 mins)
dir. Dina Khreino | UAE 2018 The world’s most elite group of mountain adventurers reflect on why they leave behind families, friends, and everyday comforts, to risk everything for a fleeting glimpse into the unknown.

Program Schedule (7th December, Friday)
Nepal Tourism Board

3:30 PM An Uncertain Winter (5 mins)
dir. Munmun Dhalaria | India 2017 An ode to life in Spiti and to the resilience of women who call it home.
Addicted to Altitude (63 mins)
Pavol Barabas | Slovakia 2017 Trendsetting Slovak mountaineers reflect on their successes and tragedies in the Himalaya and on Everest.
5:00 PM Break on Through (26 mins)
dir. Peter Mortimer/ Matty Hong/ Nick Rosen USA 2017 19-year-old Margot Haines strives to be the first woman to do a 5.15, the top difficulty scale in high end modern rock climbing.
Notes from the Wall (37 mins)
dir. Siebe Vanhee/ Sean Villianueva O’Driscoll/Nicolas Favresse | Belgium 2017 Three of the world’s best and fun loving climbers attempt Él Regalo de Mwono’ one of the toughest routes in Patagonia.

Program Schedule (8th December, Saturday)
Nepal Tourism Board

11:30 AM The Schooling Pains of Chozom & Palmo(13 mins)
dir. Himanshu Bilochi | India 2018 Two Ladhaki school girls speak about family, education and their future aspirations.
Me vs Mine (21 mins)
dir. Bijay Tamrakar | Nepal 2018 Two brothers fight over a nonexistent pot of gold.
Kilithon-Najwyzszy Maraton Swiata (Kilithon- The World’s Highest Marathon)(45 mins)
dir. Maciek Jablonski | Poland 2017 A group of dare devils take on an amazing challenge as they run down from the ‘roof of Africa’.
1:00 PM G.J. Ramstedtin Maailma (Eastern Memories) (86 mins)
dir. Niklas Kullstrom/ Martti Kaartinen | Finland 2018 A Finnish linguist and diplomat makes an epic journey into Mongolia in the late 1800’s.
3:00 PM Breaking Barriers – Perspectives on Women and Adventure Panel Discussion – Free Entry
5:00 PM A Land Shaped by Women (26 mins)
dir. Anne – Flore Marxer | France/ Austria 2018 Two freeride world champions discover Iceland through the eyes of its inspirational women.
Assetto di Volo (Flight Attitude) (41 mins)
Giulio Venier | Italy 2016 A group of differently abled individuals engage in extreme adventure sports.
6:30 PM Escape (8 mins)
dir. Anjali Nayar | Canada 2018 JaBig, a Montreal-based DJ, buys a bike on a whim and sets himself an ambitious goal.
Russi - Collombin, Un Duel au Sommet Casarotto (Russi - Collombin, A Duel at the Top) (59 mins)
dir. Pierre Morath | Switzerland 2017 The rivalry and exploits of two Swiss ski champions capture the public’s imagination and divides a nation.

Program Schedule (9th December, Sunday)
Nepal Tourism Board

11:30 AM Breaking Code Red – A Conversation on Menstruation and How to See It. Collaborative Film Screening / Panel Discussion Free Entry
2:00 PM Solo of Roped Party - Exploring Casarotto (Solo Di Cordata - Esplorando Renato Casarotto) (84 mins)
dir. Davide Riva | Italy 2016 A faithful portrait of Italian climber Casarotto ‘one of the purest and least celebrated climbers of all times’.
3:45 PM Chaman (Shaman) (82 mins)
dir. David Gomez Rollan | Spain/ Mongolia 2018 Shamans play a pivotal role in protecting the environment and nomadic culture in the Mongolian Steppes. (PG)
5:30 PM Time Trial (82 mins)
dir. Finlay Pretsell | UK 2017 A radical new insight into the world of professional cycling thorough the eyes of Tour de France winner David Millar.

Program Schedule (10th December, Monday)
Nepal Tourism Board

11:30 AM Twilight (7 mins)
dir. Reza Golchin/ Mohammad Golchin | Iran 2018 A black and white short about a school in Iran’s Talesh mountains.
One Man, One Passion, One Vision (10 mins)
dir. Dinesh Thapa | UK 2018 Rupak Gurung, a prominent Nepali basketball player, reflects on his love of the game.
Le Passeur de la Nahanni (The Nahanni Whisperer) (53 mins)
dir. Dominique Snyers | Belgium 2017 In a visually poetic journey, four young men discover the Canadian wilderness through the eyes of their older guide.
1:00 PM Stirb Iangsam (Die Hard) (16 mins)
dir. Jakob Schweighofer/ Simon Platzer Austria 2017 A portrait of a young, ambitious climber whose body breaks down during training.
Tibetan Illusion Destroyer 3D/2D (60 mins)
dir. Thomas Vendetti | USA 2017 An authentic and colorful documentation of the Mani Rimdu festival in Nepal’s Everest region.
2:30 PM In the Shadows of Everest (38 mins)
dir. Gaetan Lamarre | Nepal 2016 Stories from Phortse, a Khumbu village which boasts the most number of Everest summiteers on earth.
River Crossing (23 mins)
dir. Sudarson Karki | Nepal 2018 Historical film footage of bridges and river crossings experienced by Swiss geographer Toni Hagen during his travel across Nepal in the 1950s.
4:00 PM kimff DOC Lab Live Pitch 2018 Free Entry
5:30 PM Final Ascent (80 mins)
dir. Robbie Fraser | UK 2018 Mountaineering legend Hamish MacInnes pieces his identity back together after he loses his memory and is committed to a psychogeriatric ward

Program Schedule (11th December, Tuesday)
Nepal Tourism Board

11:30 AM Muras (Heritage) (16 mins)
dir. Ilgiz-Sherniyaz Tursunbek Uulu Kyrgyzstan 2018 A visually stunning portrayal of the kok boru, the Kyrgyz national horse game.
I am Sheriff (28 mins)
dir. Teboho Edkins | South Africa/ Lesotho 2017 Born into a girl’s body but identifying as a man, Sheriff travels the mountain kingdom of Lesotho speaking about gender identity.
La Congenialita (The Attitude of Gratitude) (30 mins) dir. Christian Schmidt | Germany/Italy/Nepal 2017 The roles of mentor and mentee shift as seasoned alpinist Simone Moro and young skier Tamara Lunger attempt the highest traverse across 8000m.
1:00 PM Palabras de Caramelo (Words of Caramel) (20 mins)
dir. Juan Antonio Moreno | Spain 2016 A deaf- short film that invites audiences into the silent world of Kori and his camel friend Caramel.
Miliard (Billion) (21 mins)
dir. Evgheni Dudceac | Moldova/ Russia 2017 An old widower’s serene life takes an adventurous turn as he is teleported to global tourist destinations via his old wooden toilet.
The Frozen Road (24 mins)
dir. Ben Page | UK 2017 An honest reflection of a solo cyclist’s winter journey into the Canadian Arctic.

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