Kimff 2020 Winners

First Prize International Competition

sponsored by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)

the shiloouttes poster

The Silhouettes

dir. Afsaneh Salari - 80 min |Iran/ Philippines 2020

This film by Iranian filmmaker Afsaneh Salari provides an intimate look into the mind of Tagi, a young Afghan refugee. All his family have been living in Iran as refugees. Tagi longs to return to Afghanistan his homeland but is prevented by the prevailing political instability there. It is the story of one family but resonates deeply with us as it reminds us and links us to an ongoing global humanitarian and political crisis.  

Second Prize International Competition

sponsored by Himalaya International Mountain Film of China (HIMF)

The Beloved Daughter

dir. Tiina Madisson - 71 min| Finland/Norway 2019

This powerful documentary explores the important issue of child marriage through an incredibly intimate lens and allows us to feel the complexities of this issue through the perspective of the film’s protagonist, Rekha. The film was beautifully shot with a cinematic quality and the jury wanted to acknowledge the filmmaker Tiina Madisson for the great work that she has done.

the beloved daughter poster

Third Prize International Competition

sponsored by Fredi-Ursula Wohlwend Eschlikon, Switzerland

baato poster


dir. Lucas Millard & Kate Stryker - 82 min| USA| 2020

In eastern Nepal a road is being built in a remote valley. At the same time in the opposite direction, inhabitants of a mountain village in this valley set off on a long journey to sell their medical plants in the central market in the plains. Baato accompanies these two opposing movements, one to the south, the other to the north. With great confidence on part of the protagonists, Baato succeeds in asking important questions about the value of traditions vs economic development, about better life opportunities vs the destruction of habitats and social structures, about the beauty of untouched nature with benefits of technical interventions. The filmmakers Lucas Millard and Kate Stryker do this observing, without judging, but with great visual power and fine feeling with musical accompaniment.


Jury Special Mention International Competition

United States of Joe’s

dir. Peter Mortimer - 22 min| USA 2019

This engaging film by Peter Mortimer tells the story of the past conflicts between elite rock climbers and a coal mining community, and, how they resolve their social and cultural differences to transform a valley in rural Utah into a hotspot for world class bouldering.

united states of joe poster

Tsekyi Sherpa Best Fiction Award Nepal Panorama

sponsored by Mila Production

song of clouds poster

Song of Clouds

dir. Ankit Poudel - 15 min| Nepal 2020

The film tells the story of waiting for the rain. Until the rain actually falls, not only a whole life is told, a life of love, joy, pain and of migration, but also the eternal story of living and dying. Nature is the stage where everything takes place. Song of Clouds is a filmic poem about human beings between this world and the next, between the longing for the lost and the confident expectation of the world to come. In pictures like paintings, and, the very careful sound work, a suction is created from which one cannot escape.


Best Documentary Award Nepal Panorama

sponsored by Film Development Board (FDB) Government of Nepal

The Snow Leopard Calling

dir. Sonam Choekyi Lama - 9 min| Nepal 2020

This film stood out on shining a light on snow leopard conservation. It was done through the very dedicated lens of Sonam Choekyi Lama and her sisters. The film was beautifully shot in the mountains of Dolpo during the winter time and provides an insight into the complexities around the issues of conservation. It is important and will resonate with viewers, not only in Nepal but internationally as well.

snow leopard poster

Jury Special Mention Nepal Panorama

come over for a drink poster

Come over for a drink Kanchhi

dir. Sikuma Rai - 21 min 51 sec| Nepal 2020

In this personal film by Sikuma Rai, the director portrays a community and society where alcohol consumption is high. The untold stories, the sorrows, the loneliness of the Rai women protagonists, who are mostly her family members, are presented in a beautiful narrative style.