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Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2014
Event Type:
Film Festival
11-15 December, 2014

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2013 (Updating soon)

First Prize International Competition

Les jours de Tarap
(Days of Tarap)

dir. Herve Tiberghien | 98 min | France 2013

It all began with an encounter with an old book “Tarap, a Valley in the Himalayas”, which portrays a small isolated community and its spiritual leader, Lama Kagar Rimpoche, who lives in the heart of Dolpo. At the time, the author and ethnologist was wondering what would become of the men and women in a generation or two, as he believed in their inevitable “cultural death”. Fifty years after Corneille Jest and following in his footsteps, Tiberghien says, “I travelled to the ‘Valley of Good Horses’. Lying between 4,000 and 5,000 meters above the sea level and amongst a sacred nature, the Tarapas are trying to find their way between tradition and modernity.”

Second Prize International Competition

Alberi Che Camminano
(Trees That Walk)

dir. Mattia Colomo | Italy 2014

Alberi Che Camminano is a documentary based on an idea by the writer Erri De Luca, which looks into the relationship that binds trees to the people who live in close contact with them. Filmed amid the towering peaks of Trentino and the gentle coastline of Puglia and produced by OH!PEN, it tells tales of trees and humans that come together and intersect to reveal the deep roots of the relationship that binds Man and Nature. Trees thus become musical instruments to express emotions, boats to sail in, and timber to build with.

Third Prize International Competition

The Cave Connection

dir.Niko Jager | 52 min | Germany/ New Zealand 2013

In the deep underground wilderness of New Zealand, gigantic and largely unexplored cave systems attract adventurers and cavers from around the globe. Kieran McKay and his team of like-minded adventurers set out on an almost impossible journey to try to find a connection between two cave systems. If they happen to track down the link between the Nettlebed and Stormy Pot systems, they could claim credit for having found the deepest cave in the southern hemisphere. But 80 m can become a mind-boggling odyssey, hampered by tight squeezes, the unexpected inrush of water, and a total lack of communication with the world outside.

ICIMOD Mountain Film Award

Sponsored by ICIMOD


dir. Bhojraj Bhat | 49 min | Nepal 2014

This is the story of the rise of a women’s football team in Mugu, a remote district in Karnali Zone. Sunakali is passionate about football. She and her friends gather at a steep ground to practice football in the pretext of collecting fodder. They get an opportunity to represent their school in the district level football tournament. Defeated in their first competitive tournament against team Humla, they go on to win the national tournament held in the Tarai plains.
(Jury Special Mention- Documentary and Best ICIMOD Mountain Film Award, KIMFF 2014)

Nepal Panorama

Best Fiction

Punte ko Pangro (Punte’s Wheel)

dir.Sachin Ghimire| 13 min | Nepal 2013

Punte ko Pangro is a story about a child in the countryside of the Kathmandu valley. We follow Punte, a playful boy, who has a toy wheel of his own, but he will do anything to get a bigger one. In his pursuit, he discovers his aspiration and ultimately own potential. The wheel is used as a symbol of supremacy to portray human desire and our passionate struggle to reach higher positions in society.

Documentary Category:


dir. Laxcha Bantawa | 10 min | UK 2014

Pawan is a ‘cultural shift’ story, told from a 12-year old boy’s perspective.Moving home from East to West is a big change for this Nepalese family who is trying to settle down to their new lives in the U.K

Audience Award

Butte Jama
(Tripped Red Skirt)

dir. Kala Sangroula | 14 min | Nepal 2014

Nine year old Baisakhi lives with her grandmother in a poor Eastern Tarai village of Nepal. Having financial troubles, her only skirt is tattered and she desires to wear a new red flower printed skirt. Will her Grandmother be able to fulfill her desire?

Special Jury Mention

The Contagious Apparitions of Dambarey Dendrite

dir. Pooja Gurung & dir. Bibhusan Basnet | 18 min | Nepal 2013

Dambarey and his gang of five are hooked on glue and are heading towards a place of no return.

(Jury Special Mention- Fiction, KIMFF 2014)

Manish Harayeko Suchana

5 min | Nepal 2014

Ashmita is searching for something. She gets to see different incidents where people are trying to record the events. In the evening, she finds a man being rejected while wishing to get an overnight stay. In the last scene, it is revealed she is in search of a missing person.

(Jury Special Mention- Fiction, KIMFF 2014)

1000 Dreams
(A Thousand Dreams)

30 min | Nepal 2014

A person finally decides to make the right use of Rs. 1,000, when he suddenly finds the cash, while walking on the street.

(Jury Special Mention- Fiction, KIMFF 2014)

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2013 (Updating Soon)