“Green Growth: Green Recovery” 

Short Film Competition

Do you have a story? Have you experienced climate change? How does the environment relate to you?

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (kimff) and Delegation of the European Union to Nepal (EU) invite entries to “Green Growth: Green Recovery,” a short film competition that tries to address these questions. We are looking for original and creative content that explores diverse perspectives, issues, opportunities, and challenges of how the environment and climate change have impacted Nepal and Nepalis. As extreme climates, changing weather patterns, and global debates around the environment, climate change, and sustainability take center stage, both locally and globally, we believe you should be part of this discussion.

KIMFF Monthly Virtual Session

Conversation with THF Fellows

Kimff is pleased to announce the fourth edition of its monthly zoom series ‘kimff in Conversation with THF Fellows’.

Unfortunately KIMFF monthly virtual session for this month is over. Stay tuned for the next month’s series!

Toni Hagen Foundation 2021 Winners

Bearer of Glass Beads – Pratibha Pant

I wanted to be like Madhuri Dixit – Ankit Manandhar Khadgi

Not Past My Prime – Siddhartha Pudasaini

Where Water Hyacinths grow – Aishwarya Baidar


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