Tiktok for Climate Justice

kimff in collaboration with Save the Children

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (kimff) and Save the Children invite you all to send in your creative TikTok to “Tiktok for Climate Justice” a short action video showcasing your effort to protect the environment to tackle the climate crisis. Through this challenge, children and young people are encouraged to share their stories of sustainable living, showcase their love for nature and promote solutions to the climate crisis. The challenge aims to present children and young people as change-makers while proving all of us can do our part in saving the planet and addressing the climate crisis.

KIMFF Monthly Virtual Session

Conversation with THF Fellows

Kimff is pleased to announce the fourth edition of its monthly zoom series ‘kimff in Conversation with THF Fellows’.

Unfortunately KIMFF monthly virtual session for this month is over. Stay tuned for the next month’s series!

Toni Hagen Foundation 2021 Winners

Bearer of Glass Beads – Pratibha Pant

I wanted to be like Madhuri Dixit – Ankit Manandhar Khadgi

Not Past My Prime – Siddhartha Pudasaini

Where Water Hyacinths grow – Aishwarya Baidar


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