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29 May 2024, Wednesday


12:00 noon

kimff 2024 Opening | Screening (by invitation only)

The Tiger’s Nest

dir. Brando Quilici (In Person)

94 min | Italy/Nepal 2022

A young boy embarks on a perilous journey to save a tiger’s cub from poachers.

3:00 pm

Nepali Fiction – World PremierePG

dir. Devendra Khatri (In Person)

43 min | Nepal 2023

A black comedy on a drug deal gone wrong.

कुलैं तौल कुछ नि जमदु (Nothing Grows Under The Pine Trees) – Asia Premiere

dir. Sachin Rana (In Person)

32 min | India 2023

Marriage begins to spool the fates of two sisters in the hills of Uttarakhand
as their family arranges a groom for one.

5:00 pm

Into the Heart of the Mountain – World Premiere

dir. Annegre Bosman

98 min | Nepal/Netherlands 2023

A Zen Buddhist priest empowers women and fights for gender equality as her story unfolds against the backdrop of the Himalayas


3:00 pm

Photo Exhibition | Screening & Panel Discussion (FREE ENTRY)

Everest Revisited 1924 -2024

Produced by the Alpine Club in association with the Mt. Everest Foundation

41 min | UK 2024

5:30 pm

Todesfalle Haute Route- Rekonstruktion eines Dramas (Death Trap Haute Route – Reconstruction of a tragedy) – Asia Premiere

dir. Frank Senn

90 min | Switzerland/ Austria/ France/ Italy 2023

A film team investigates and reconstructs the dramatic events that lead to
tragic deaths in the Swiss Alps only 550 meters from safety.

30 May 2024, Thursday


11:00 am

Phera (Whirl)

dir. Anil Kurmie (In Person)

10 min | Nepal 2024

A returnee migrant worker wants to farm vegetables with government support but faces obstacles at home.

The School’s Wall

dir. Mohan Shrestha (In Person)

21 min | Nepal 2023

A young boy struggles to go to school despite overwhelming odds.


dir. Sunil Gurung

10 min | Nepal 2023

An estranged father and son struggle to connect on a journey into the mountains.

12:30 pm


dir. Enuma Rai (In Person)

9 min | Nepal 2022

A documentary about communities whose livelihoods depend on the Koshi River.

Dancing in Fire: Khalikhane Fire – Walking and Ritual Healing
in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal

dir. Ramesh Khadka

47 min | Nepal 2023

The power of ritual and community helps families heal and process suffering caused by the traumatic loss of their loved ones.

2:30 pm

Screening & Panel Discussion | Women Behind the Camera (FREE ENTRY)Co-presented by The US Embassy
Chiso Ghar (A Bleak Home)

dir. Bidushi Giri (In Person)

12 min | Nepal 2023

A mother and daughter face a dilemma as their lives appear to be falling apart.

2:30 pm


dir. Sarita Sah (In Person)

13 min | Nepal 2024

A young woman’s patience is severely tested as she tries to get her brother treated after an accident.


dir. Akanchha Karki (In Person)

15 min | Nepal 2023

A friendship blossoms between two teenage girls as they break caste and gender barriers.

4:30 pm

Ma alap huna chahanchhu (into the Mist)

dir. Sachin Ghimire/ Gaurab KC (In Person)

79 min | Nepal 2022

About the life and times of renowned Nepali anthropologist Dor Bahadur Bista.


11:00 am

Screening & Panel Discussion Let’s Talk Period!

5 min 39 sec | Nepal 2024

12:30 pm

Rio Rojo – Nepal Premiere

dir. Guillermo Quintero

70 min | Colombia 2023

A serene community living on the banks of a legendary river in the Colombian Amazon finds itself imperiled by the arrival of new visitors.

2:00 pm

My Radio My Life – Nepal Premiere

dir. Bidit Roy/Makarand Waikar (In Person)

68 min | India 2023

Individuals in India share their stories on how the radio has expanded their horizons and enriched their lives.

3:30 pm

Z góry widać lepiej. Wanda Rutkiewicz. Opowieść o kobiecie niezwykłej (From Above you Can See Better. Wanda Rutkiewicz) – Nepal Premiere

dir. Bartosz Kowalski

76 min | Poland 2022

An absorbing portrayal of the life of Wanda Rutkiewicz, a pioneering Polish female climber who left her mark on Himalayan mountaineering.

5:00 pm

Atirkul in the Land of Real Men – Nepal Premiere

dir. Janyl Jusupjan

65 min | France/Kyrgyzstan 2023

An enterprising and spirited woman enters the tough masculine world of Buzkashi, an ancient team sport popular in Central Asia.

31 May 2024, Friday


10:30 am

What the Spring Says – World Premiere

dir. Janjit KC (In Person)

10 min | Nepal 2022

A young man dreams of his dying grandfather’s stories of love, life and loss.

मोटी, दुबली, काली, गोरी (Nepali Women Reclaim their Bodies) – World Premiere

dir. Nirvana Bhandary

12 min | Nepal 2023

An intimate look into the societal pressures confronting young Nepali women regarding body image and beauty standards.

Silver – Nepal Premiere

dir.Hamid Saberi

17 min | Iran 2022

An inspector of a charity organisation is faced with a dilemma as she tries to resolve a family’s situation. Her personal crisis doesn’t make it easier.

Bankariya (indigenous People of Nepal)

dir. Laxmi Basnet (In person)

21 min | Nepal 2023

‘Bankariya’ an endangered indigenous people of Nepal struggle for existence.

12:30 pm

Mountains Matter: A Call from the Himalayas’ – FREE ENTRY

A Storytellers event with mountaineer Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, filmmaker Min Bham and sustainability practitioner Shilshila Acharya. – Co-presented by The US Embassy

2:00 pm

The Tiger’s Nest

dir. Brando Quilici (In Person)

94 min |Nepal/ Italy 2022

A young boy embarks on a perilous journey to save a tiger’s cub from poachers.

4:00 pm

Hawaman – PG

dir. Samal Kumar Bajracharya (In Person)

11 min | Nepal 2023

An 8-year-old boy sets out to fly like Superman.

Dust to Disclosure

dir. Aakankshya GC Bhujel (In Person)

15 min | Nepal 2024

An investigative journalist pursues leads, digs up evidence, and traces old files to uncover stories of power, corruption and accountability.

Loving you is My Favorite Mistake

dir. Dipen Maharjan

10 min | Nepal/ Canada 2024

A heart-broken couple’s experimental love story.

Mountain Man

dir. Arun Bhattarai

22 min | Bhutan 2022

An insightful look into the life and work of Phuntsho Tshering, the only glaciologist in Bhutan.

5:45 pm

A Childless Village – Nepal Premiere

dir. Reza Jamali

82 min | Iran 2022

An old filmmaker sets out to uncover the truth about why there are no children in a remote village.


11:00 am

Championing Young Filmmakers

Co-presented by The British Council

Screening & Panel Discussion | Beyond Borders

1:00 pm

Screening & Panel Discussion | British Council Young Film Campaign (Make/Film/Learn)

3:00 pm

Andro Dreams

dir. Meena Longjam

64 min | India 2023

A 30 year-old girls’ football team in northeast India struggles to exist
against all odds.

4:30 pm

Split Ends – Nepal Premiere

dir. Alireza Kazemipour

14 min | Iran 2022

A bald girl and a boy with long hair encounter the Tehran Morality Police.

Whispers of a Qareen – Nepal Premiere

dir. Maaria Sayed (In Person)

15 min | India 2024

On a lonely night, 12-year-old Jahaan is approached by something strangely familiar in her Himalayan village.

Eternal Flame

dir. Bossard Nicolas

26 min | Pakistan 2023

Following in the footsteps of the pioneers of 1990, BASE jumpers Éric Jamet and Antoine Pecher embark on a breathtaking adventure in Pakistan.

6:00 pm

Rope Asia Premiere

dir. Moe Wada

30 min | Japan/ Pakistan 2023

Two Japanese climbers combine their youth and experience to ascend the previously unclimbed north face of Tirich Mir in Pakistan.

The Borders Never Die – Nepal Premiere

dir. Hamidreza Arjomandi

15 min | Iran 2023

A Kurdish couple decide to cross the border because of the war in their land.

That’s Home – Asia Premiere

dir. Johannes Hoffman

20 min | Austria 2023

An inspiring film about Tobias Holzknecht, a young alpinist from the Ötztal region, who has been connected to the mountains since childhood.

1 June 2024, Saturday


11:00 am

Can i Hold Your Hand?

dir. Suraj Katuwal (In Person)

11 min | Nepal 2024

Perhaps for the last time, two friends hang out at their favourite tea shop.

Dubidha (Dilemma)

dir. Pradhumna Mishra (In Person)

20 min | Nepal 2022

A childless couple is faced with a dilemma after 12 years of trying to have a baby.

Wagging Tale World Premiere

dir. Samagra Shah (In Person)

23 min | Nepal 2024

A short documentary about Rupak who has dedicated his life to caring for Kathmandu’s street dogs.

1:00 pm

여름에 내린 눈 (The House of Rising Sun)

dir. LEE Ga-kyung

17 min | South Korea 2019

A girl decides to take a trip with her younger cousins to bring her grandfather to a better gravesite and resolve an ensuing family drama.

친화득 B (Chouinard B)

dir. CHOI Won-jae (In Person)

8 min | South Korea 2019

An animated film about climbing a mountain and the emotions and exhilaration that follow.

계양산 (Uncomfortable)

dir. Joo-young (In Person)

26 min | South Korea 2019

A recently divorced woman finds herself having to accompany her boss and a male colleague on a New Year’s hike in the mountains.

나무의 집 (The Tree’s Home)

dir. Kim Hye-mi

12 min | South Korea 2023

The animated tale of a woman’s changing life.

뼈 (The Bone)

dir. CHOI Jinyoung (In Person)

35 min | South Korea 2017

Two women connect as they seek closure for their dead.

3:30 pm

The Poplar Trees

dir. Manoj Kumar Pant (In Person)

10 min | Nepal 2023

The tale of a woman, two men and a monk.

Tarang – World Premiere

dir. Pushpa Joshi Pradhan (In Person)

11 min | Nepal 2024

A radio journalist creates ripples in her community.

Climbing for Gold – World Premiere

dir. Vincent Groos (In Person)

22 min | Belgium/United States 2024

Fré Leys, a Paralympic climber is determined to secure victory at the 2023 World Championships in Salt Lake City and through his journey raises important issues about inclusivity in sport.

A Bird Fell in the Rain – Asia Premiere

dir. Ankit Poudel (In Person)

20 min | Nepal 2022

A woman witnesses a rift in her marriage while she becomes pregnant.

5:45 pm

Against the Tide – Nepal Premiere

dir. Sarvnik Kaur

97 min | India/France 2023

Two Bombay fisherman, inheritors of the Koli system of harvesting the sea, take different paths to safeguard their family trade.


11:30 am

Body of a Line

dir. Henna Taylor

11 min | United States 2023

An animated documentary about Madaleine Sorkin’s intimate and creative journey to climb the most difficult rock climb above 13,500 ft. in the world.

Yamnuska: The Ragged Edge – PG

dir. John Price

59 min | Canada 2023

Two modern day adventures embark on a rock climbing journey to celebrate the rich history of one of Canada’s most iconic climbing cliffs.

1:00 pm

Queendom – PG

dir. Agniia Galdanova

97 min | United States/France 2023

An artist from small town Russia uses art and activism to protest on the streets of Moscow putting her life in danger.

3:00 pm

Cut•Katha Documentary Pitch Program FREE ENTRY

5:00 pm

The Great White Whale

dir. Michael Charles Dillon

104 min | Australia 2023

A gripping tale about an expedition’s intrepid attempts to climb a dangerous volcano in one of the most inhospitable and remote locations on the planet, a rare chance to see the famed explorer Bill Tilman at the helm.

2 June 2024, Sunday


11:00 am


dir. LSM/Sahayog Raj Adhikari (In Person)

22 min | Nepal 2022

Rekha and Jyoti navigate the complexities of gender transition in Nepal.


dir. Mehrdad Hasani (In Person)

17 min | Iran 2022

Pushed away by family and friends, a young boy decides to adjust to his new identity and comes out to the people of his village.


dir. Safal Pandey (In Person)

18 min 35 sec| Nepal 2023

A father struggles to understand and accept his son’s inherent femininity.

1:00 pm

The Monk and The Rebel

dir. Prabhat Gurung

14 min | Nepal 2023

An encounter between a monk and a Maoist rebel raises moral questions.


dir. Anusha Thulung Rai (In Person)

23 min | Nepal/ UK 2023

The Rai indigenous community, young and old, prepare to celebrate their traditional Sakela festival in the UK.

Avashesh (Remnants) – Nepal Premiere

dir. Dhanraj Barkote

30 min | Nepal/Spain 2023

A young Nepali filmmaker living in Spain returns to his remote mountain village in Humla after twenty years.

2:30 pm

गणेशा – एलिफास मैक्सिमस (Ganesha – Elephas Maximus) – World Premiere

dir. Bigyan Sapkota (In Person)

28 min | Nepal 2024

For 25 years Shankar Chettri Luitel has struggled to minimise conflict between humans and elephants in east Nepal.

Dhye Dreams

dir. Shanta Nepali (In Person)

28 min | Nepal 2023

Three women struggle to survive in isolated Himalayan villages battling against climate change.

4:45 pm

kimff 2024 Awards | Screening – No Monastery No Village

dir. Tashi Lhazom (In Person)

28 min | Nepal 2024

A poignant exploration of faith, resilience, and the fight to preserve a way of life in Humla’s Limi Valley in the face of climate change.


11:00 am


dir. Palmer Moebe

16 min | United States 2023

A diverse group of women bond in the outdoors, away from life’s daily grind.

Silent Walls – Nepal Premiere

dir. Suraj Bhattarai

21 min | Bhutan 2023

A young deaf girl in a rural village in Bhutan is isolated from her family and society; she experiences her first menstruation.

A Long Way to Nowhere – Asia Premiere

dir. Vincent DiFrancesco

29 min | United States 2023

A crew of young American environmentalists from Oregon set out to revitalise a nationally important and historic hiking trail.

12:30 pm

Take My Breath – PG

dir. Nada Mezni Hafaiedh

96 min | Tunisia 2022

Shams, born intersex and rejected by society, faces love, betrayal, and exile in a harsh world.

3:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Exposure, Experience, Expansion – Making films local, going global (FREE ENTRY)


The Fight for Everest – Photo Exhibition @ Nepal Tourism Board

Make/Film/Learn – Camera Sika installation and Exhibition @ City Hall