Nepal Panorama

Since 2007 Kimff has screened Nepali films both fiction and non-fiction creating a separate
platform entitled, “Nepal Panorama” where both young and seasoned Nepali filmmakers have
brought us films that wrestle with the state of Nepal’s political and cultural landscape as only visual
storytellers can. Kimff’s mission is ‘Bridging cultures and societies through the power of story’.
Kimff has played a vital role in providing a forum where contemporary issues are raised and
discussed through film, photography exhibits, master classes, pitch platforms and panel

In Nepal Panorama, the stories from the country’s cities and the hinterland lay bare the
complexities of contemporary Nepali society. The protagonists in Supermonk charm us with their
antics; while we can’t help empathizing with the men and women in Katha’72 and Ananta Yatra as
they struggle to come to terms with the 2015 earthquake that devastated Nepal, and we are still
shaken by the dark undertones in Curry. Then, there are films that take a deep dive into the lives of
Nepali migrant workers in The Riyalists and Marisakeko Manche to show audiences the
uncertainty that many workers face in search of a better life.


Non Fiction

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