The Generation Green
(Short Film Competition 2014)

WWF Nepal’s THE GENERATION GREEN campaign aims to give an identity to the Nepali youth who make informed choices; informed choices in taking the right career decisions; informed choices by engaging in constructive activities positively impacting their society, country and the environment they live in.

First Place Short Film Competition

Penguin Revolution

dir. Ishan Bhusal

Penguin revolution is a short animated film which describes a hypothetical scenario where penguins declare war against humans. They declare war after they felt that they were being dominated from very long time along with their existence being threatened. Message of the film is, that we are lucky and that would never happen , but that does not mean we should not improve our flaws that effect wildlife.

Second Place Short Film Competition

Ghiling ko Green House

dir. Amitabh Joshi

Tenzin Chompel has started a revolutionary school in Ghiling Mustang. He dreams of the day the school is entirely self-sufficient. He began a green house project that provides food for all his students. He instills this responsibility into his students.

Third Place Short Film Competition

Nature Never Forgives

dir. Shankar Dhital

The movie is today’s better reality showing how the nature has been misused. It tries to predict the near future, if we continue on the same exploitation of nature. We should never forget that “NATURE NEVER FORGIVES”.


dir. Umesh Pandey

A Portrait of Beauty Fading.

Ha… Pack!!!

dir. Sharad Mahato

Ha..pack is a slang word that gives the meaning of boredom and very popular among youngsters now a days. This film is a story about a guy who experiences a series of surreal accidents with bulbs. But at the end he found out the reason behind the accidents to be the light which he forgot to switch off while moving out from his room. Now days we are so busy that we forget such simple thing which have great impact on saving energy.

Mero Kathmandu

dir. Ayush Raj Manandhar

Everybody is well informed about the increasing urbanization in Kathmandu and its effects.

We can hardly see any trees and greeneries around here, it’s like a concrete jungle. Awareness programs regarding trees plantation and other environmental campaigns are lees effective if the people are not self aware.

This Movie is about self realization. When the small girl who loves to draw her surroundings grows up and compares the pictures, she realizes that the city she was brought up has no greeneries left. So what does she do? she takes her 5 year old daughter and does a simple act of planting a tree.So by this way, she is also transferring the knowledge and realization to the next generation.

It is very easy to make people understand if they are self aware.

“Self awareness campaigns are the most important ones”

Naulo Bihani

dir. Ankit KC

Story of a poor person who finds a way to develop his livelihood, but his irresponsible act Lead to divesting results to environment and finally realizing his mistake he initiates A new beginning for sustainable development with respect to himself as well as environment he lives in.

Our Earth

dir. Astha Thapa

he film is titled “OUR EARTH” indicating the significance of the earth belonging to us and we being solely responsible for it’s protection.However, our actions (human action) are giving nothing to the earth but just pain.It is a stop motion animation film based on saving our one and only earth.It contains 371 photo clips and each being personally edited by me.This film is 2 minute and 49 seconds long.

The film begins with earth being happy and clouds moving around it.Then the humans actions begins to destroy the earth. firstly, i have shown trees being cut down by harvester. This indicates the growing mass deforestation which have become a favorite activity of man to extract medicines and precious paper.Then after a man kills an elephant.Here, the Elephant not only indicates itself but also a number of other animals who are being killed and illegally traded.This two events shows the land pollution and exploitation of the biodiversity.Secondly, i have shown the water being another polluted target of humans as many toxins thrown out into the water has been killing the aquatic animals. This has a very negative effect on the aquatic plants as well.Finally, i have shown the city area in order to show the increasing air pollution that has been caused due to over utilization of vehicles and establishment of industries.These things have continuously been involved in the process of harmful emissions which have led our earth to face Global warming.And, the film also shows that our human population has been growing every second and is increasing beyond 7 billion. At last, this film ends with the message of stopping these activities and raising hands to plant trees as Earth belongs to us and we have the sole responsibility for it’s protection. Since, we only have earth and have no other options we are quite obliged to save and protect it because we are the ultimate reason for it’s destruction.

Revolution of the Minds

dir. Sarthak Karki

The effects of a superficial change in our environment may last for a while, but when the idea for that change originates form the depth of our minds, those changes will take us a long way. “Revolution of the Minds” is about how the current generation is going to bring a change in our condition, and that change is going to be one that comes from within us, as we change the way we look at things, as we rid ourselves of greed and pride, and work with the goodness of our hearts and the powers of our minds.

There is a Rule

dir. Parasar Wagle

Imagine- When races, religion or countries will have to finally share something which cannot be distributed according to man-made boundaries. There will be one simple rule for survival- harmony. A single man’s lack of trust on his fellow human can lead to catastrophe. This film is a short symbolic expression of my paranoia.