The Cremator

30 min | Nepal | 2020

Gyan Bahadur Acharya has been cremating the dead in the Bhasmeshwor Ghat of Pashupatinath Temple for three decades. Now in his seventies, he is the oldest cremator. He reflects on it all — wealth, religion, family, strength, the living and the dead. This documentary portrait of Gyan Bahadur attempts to unravel the knots in the time and experiences of the many years the cremator has spent by the blazing pyres.

Set against the backdrop of charred wood and smoke, the film is a triggering experience, a reflection of what death looks and smells like in the Ghats. Gyan Bahadur is a man of conflicting nature, all of which has made him come to accept death as it is. He reminds us of an inevitable fact of life – everyone ultimately dies.

Nishon Shakya

Abin Shakyal

Original Language

Nishon Shakya

Bikash Pokhrel/ Nishon Shakya/ Pradeep Dhakal

Puzzles studios/ Anweshan

Nishon Shakya/ Pradeep Dhakal

About The Filmmakers

Nishon Shakya

Nishon Shakya is a 22 year-old filmmaker, photographer and freelance content creator based in Kathmandu. He is currently pursuing his final year of undergraduate studies in Media Studies at Kathmandu University School of Arts, Nishon is actively involved in the visual arts, working closely with like-minded individuals in creating documentaries and short films. He enjoys exploring and discovering hidden stories around him, Nishon enjoys meeting people, learning about them and their journeys in life.
Nishon is a recipient of the Toni Hagen Foundation Documentary Youth Grant 2020.


Nishon Shakya