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Our relationship with mountains is only getting broader

Extreme sports, adventure, religion, or distinct cultural practices, human beings relate with mountains in a myriad of ways. In a world whose character and landscapes are rapidly changing, our relationship with mountains is only getting broader, subtler, and more intricate. The growing diversity and complexity of this relationship is what Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) seeks to explore.

KIMFF, the only festival of its kind east of Suez, brings to Kathmandu Valley some of the most recent and exciting films about mountains, mountain environment, mountain cultures and communities from various corners of the world. KIMFF screens films produced during the last three years and features discussion forums, on-demand screenings, as well as exhibitions of books and photography celebrating mountains. The festival is organized with the conviction that human experiences in the world’s highlands, especially those in the developing countries, is worth documenting and sharing. KIMFF hopes not only to encourage a deeper understanding of the social and cultural realities of those regions but also to create a sense that the significance of those regions is often far-flung.

Organized by Himal Association, KIMFF started as a non-competitive, biennial festival in 2000. A wide selection of films – alpine documentation, archival footage, adventure cinema, experimental shorts, commentaries, anthropological narratives, feature films, etc. – have been screened in the previous four festivals. These movies have dealt with issues regarding cultural practices, lifestyles, conflict, wildlife, mountain-climbing, environment, globalization, and gender, among many others.

Over the years, the festival has attracted not only filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and critics, but also scholars, journalists, activists, and mountaineers. It is the interest of this creative and intellectual community that has sustained KIMFF and placed Kathmandu Valley on the map of international film festivals. The impetus for the festival has always been the trust of this community in the capability of the audio-visual medium in creating social and economic transformations.

KIMFF Organizing Committee (KOC)

  • Basanta Thapa
  • Ramyata Limbu
  • Deepak Thapa
  • Mohan Mainali
  • Tashi Jangbu Sherpa
  • Ian Wall (UK)
  • Sapana Sakya
  • Sangeeta Lama
  • Subina Shrestha
  • Basanta Thapa

    Basanta Thapa

    Chairperson of KOC, is an author and publisher. He has been the executive head of Himal Association since 1998. He was a former editor of Himal bimonthly and a former columnist for Himal Khabarpatrika, the Nepali fortnightly.

  • Ramyata Limbu

    Ramyata Limbu

    Festival Director and member of KOC, since 2000, has co-produced the independent documentary “Daughters of Everest” and “The Sari Soldiers”, a documentary feature that follows six Nepali women on the forefront of the Maoist conflict in Nepal.

  • Deepak Thapa

    Deepak Thapa

    Deepak Thapa, member of KOC, is author of “Kingdom under Siege” and the Director of Social Science Baha, the first and only privately funded research library in Nepal.

  • Mohan Mainali

    Mohan Mainali

    Mohan Mainali member of KOC, is a journalist and documentary filmmaker whose works include the acclaimed film”The Living of Jogimara”.

  • Tashi Jangbu Sherpa

    Tashi Jangbu Sherpa

    Tashi Jangbu Sherpa nember of KOC, is a tourism entrepreneur and conservationist, and a former president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

  • Ian Wall (UK)

    Ian Wall (UK)

    Ian Wall was a member of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival organising committee in 1980, he has been involved with KIMFF since 2005 and contributed to KIMFF becoming a member of the International Film Alliance. He now lives in Nepal and runs his own trekking agency.

  • Sapana Sakya

    Sapana Sakya

    Sapana Sakya, member of KOC, is an independent filmmaker and Media Director of the Centre of Asian American Media (CAAM) in San Francisco, aspires to bring stories from diverse perspectives to the public media sphere.

  • Sangeeta Lama

    Sangeeta Lama

    Sangeeta Lama, member of KOC, is a Nepali journalist. She is associated with Sankalpa, the Women’s Alliance for Peace, and, Working Woman Journalist (WWJ) - an organization committed to strengthening the role of women in Nepal’s media. She has a special interest in gender issues.

  • Subina Shrestha

    Subina Shrestha

    Subina Shrestha, member of KOC, is correspondent at Al Jazeera English, also works as a freelancer filmmaker and video journalist.

Himal Association

Over the years the association has played a key role

Himal Association is a not-for-profit organization based in Kathmandu working consistently in the fields of journalism, communications, publishing, education, film festivals, and other related activities since its establishment in 1990. Its primary focus has been to make Nepal a more intellectual, a more knowledgeable society, conscious of various local, national and international issues that surround it through a variety of activities From 1994 it got into publishing books in both English and Nepali language about socially relevant topics.

Over the years the association has played a key role in the incubation of several institutions like Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), Social Science Baha and Library, Translators Society of Nepal, Shikshak (Teacher) Magazine, a monthly magazine and Himal Kitab Pvt. Ltd (a publishing house) – that are today recognized both home and abroad for their contributions in the fields of journalism, research in educational, social, cultural initiatives. Every year Himal Association hosts Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) which started as bi-annual event in 2000 has since 2007 been an annual affair. It brings quality documentaries from around the world to Nepali audience. Over the past decades, it has been part of campaign to make audio-visual medium an aid to social an economic transformation of Nepali society.


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