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Doo Sar: A Karakoram Ski Expedition Film



46 min

Two peaks, two friends, and two ski descents. Andrzej Bargiel and Jędrek Baranowski roam through Pakistan’s Karakoram to create their own history. The Karakoram Ski Expedition aimed to scale and then ski down two 6,000m mountains, Yawash Sar II (6,178m) in the Ghidims-Dur Valley and Laila Peak (6,096m) in the Hushe Valley. The other goal of the expedition was to explore new areas for future travels. In the space of 10 days, the friends climbed both peaks and skied down them. Although there is plenty of extreme adventure, this film is primarily a story of getting to know local culture, meeting new people, and spending time with friends during many hours of trekking.

The expedition was a part of the Hic Sunt Leones (Here Are Lions) project initiated by Andrzej Bargiel to demystify the stereotype of a “martyr” climber, organize expeditions individually, and make ski descents of the highest mountains in the world.

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Jakub Gzela


Jakub Gzela / Dariusz Zaluski


Jakub Gzela


Jakub Gzela / Dariusz Zaluski


Jakub Gzela


Andrzej Bargiel

About the filmmaker.

Jakub Gzela is a videographer and drone operator based in Cracow, Poland, whose films are about biking, skiing, lifestyle, and travel subjects. Since 2009 he has made over 300 films with five movie theater premieres. Gzela's long production journey started with mountain biking videos, and his passion for it helped him realize dreams in multiple sports. His ongoing personal development and refinement of skills enable him to work with the best athletes worldwide.

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