L'Amiral Tchoumakov (The Admiral Tchumakov)



64 min

Perched high in the mountains in Kyrgyzstan’s northeast, Lake Issyk Kul is one of the five deepest lakes in the world. On its shores, dark constructions of cement and steel are interspersed with olds wrecks. The port of Balyktchy, abandoned for years, is undergoing a slow conversion into a resort. It is the pride of an admiral of the Soviet navy, Boris Vassilievitch Chumakov. A joyful, restless, yet terribly melancholic figure, the Admiral reveals himself to be an allegory for what remains of the Soviet man 30 years after the fall of USSR

Original Language

Russian/ Kyrgyz


Laurier Fourniau/ Arnaud Alberola


Laurier Fourniau/ Arnaud Alberola


Laurier Fourniau/ Arnaud Alberola


Yslam Massimov


Laurier Fourniau/ Arnaud Alberola


Cinédoc Films / Kinomaï Films

About the filmmaker.

Laurier Fourniau is a director of fiction and documentary films. He has traveled since childhood , and lived abroad in countries as diverse as Turkey, Uzbekistan, the USA where he did an exchange program at the UCLA film school, and Belgium, where he completed his education at the INSAS film school. Fourniau is the cinematographer, editor, and music composer for most of his films.

Arnaud Alberola completed a master’s degree in cinematography at INSAS before going on to work on fiction films and documentaries. He was named Best Young Talent Cinematographer of Belgium in 2019 for Sun Dog, a fiction set in the Russian Arctic that won the IFFR.

This is Admiral Tchumakov first film as co-director.

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