Abnormal Prime Time

South Korea


14 min

In Seoul day and night have changed due to the extreme UV rays caused by the climate crisis. One day, In-Kyung gets a phone call from her sister at midday.

Original Language



Sinn Kirin


Lim Jinho


Sinn Kirin


Kim Minchul


Sinn Kirin


Xin Oha

About the filmmaker.

Sinn Kirin graduated from Korea National University of Arts in 2014. Sinn’s first short film, Misattribution won numerous awards including the Jury Grand Prize at theb Chungmuro Short Film Festival, the Lighting Award, and the Korea Youth Film Festival Bronze Award. It was a finalist at the Jeju Film Festival and a candidate at the Gwangju International Film Festival Korean Short Film Special Selection.Abnormal Prime Time, hHis second short, was produced with support from KOCCA in 2020. It world premiered at Minikino Film Week 8 and was a selection at the International Thai Film Festival and TerrorMolins SECCIÓ GLOBUS in 2022. It was also a finalist at the Chungmuro Short Film Festival.

Sinn Kirin

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