El Aljibe

Spain/ Costa Rica


10 min

Antonio and Alberto live in a world without water. When his brother falls ill, Antonio climb to the top of the volcano in search of the sacred water contained in El Aljibe.

Original Language



Alejandro Ferlini


Alejandro Ferlini


Alejandro Ferlini


Alejandro Ferlini


Alejandro Ferlini


La Selva Coop/ Alejandro Ferlini

About the filmmaker.

Alejandro Ferlini trained as a filmmaker in Argentina and as a geographer at the University of Costa Rica. He has made more than 10 short films in countries such as Costa Rica, Argentina, Panama, and Spain. His interdisciplinary work he seeks to unite his narratives between cinema and geography, creating cinematographic stories based on geographical contexts such as territorial identity, socio-environmental struggles, defense of territories, and community cinema. With Hierve el Agua Producciones, he is developing his first feature film entitled Jaguar, set in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, the most biodiverse place on the planet.

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