Flores de la llanura (Prairie Flowers)



19 min

After Silvia’s femicide, Yecenia, who is her cousin, and one of the Ñomndaa weavers from the Prairie of Flowers, creates a ritual and poetic mourning alongside other weaving women. Through this ritual, threads, dreams and their craft are collectively woven together as an act of healing and resilience.

Original Language



Mariana X. Rivera


Jessica Villamil


Andrea Rabasa Jofre/ Mariana X. Rivera/ Josué Vergara


Josué Vergara


Mariana X. Rivera


Josué Vergara

About the filmmaker.

Mariana X, Rivera has a PhD in Anthropological Sciences and an MA in Visual Anthropology, and is an Academic Researcher at the Ethnology and Social Anthropology Division of the National Institute of Anthropology and History. She is a co-founder of the production company Urdimbre Audiovisual, where she works as a film director and photographer. She has directed documentaries and video clips, and has published articles regarding documentary and ethnographic film, visual anthropology, weaving, memory, and transmedia narratives. She has taught courses on visual anthropology and has taken part in development workshops for film projects. She has been a programmer for the Ethnographic Film Forum and has curated textile exhibits.

Mariana Rivera

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