सेनाको चेली (An Army’s Sister)



20 min

Shishir serves in the Nepal Army. He is preparing to go to a foreign country as a part of UN Peacekeeping Operations. But hislong-running estrangement from his sister Rita is causing him inner turmoil. He desires to rebuild his relationship with her and move on with his life.

Original Language



Ingi Hopo Koinch Sunuwar


Kiran Rai


Kiran Rai


Nabin Kumar Sunuwar


Ingi Hopo Koinch Sunuwar


Mamaa Arts

About the filmmaker.

Ingi Hopo Koinch Sunuwar is a theater performer with over eight years of experience and an alumnus of Mandala Theatre. He has performed in several performances, including playback theater, experimental plays, street plays, forum theater, and various mobile theater forms. Always inquisitive, Sunuwar also developed his skills in scriptwriting, directing, and theatrical light design, among other fields. He enjoys experimenting with many forms including cinema. Sunuwar believes that theater and cinema have helped him discover who he is and taught him to be truthful and ethical. Inspired by his grandfather, who believed in passing on life lessons and moral principles to the next generation, Sunwar wants to lead, assist, and support people who are deserving and in need. Art is the way in which he realizes his goals and practices the morals, values, and aspirations that his grandfather and art have taught him.

Ingi Hopo Koinch Sunuwar

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