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The Iron Digger



51 min

Since 1989, Jelbang village of Rolpa district was the commercial center of mountain iron in Nepal. What is the impact today of the closure of iron mines by the government on the lives of the villagers?

Original Language

Magar Kham/ Nepali


Anil Budha Magar


Narayan GC


Ishor Koirala


Narayan GC


Anil Budha Magar


Jelbang Sewa Samaj

About the filmmaker.

Anil Budha Magar, born in 1993, is an independent filmmaker from Nepal. He is also a scriptwriter, novelist, director, and journalist. His first short, Lomba (The Leader Sheep), won nominations at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) in 2017 and seven other festivals, winning three awards, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Costume. The Iron Digger, his second documentary, was screened at Film Southasia 2022, the Ischia Global Film Festival, the Black Star International Film Festival, the Lane Doc Film Fest and 19 other film festivals. Its five awards so far include one at the Mestia International Short and Mountain Film Festival.

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