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Loosely based on the short story “Muna Madan ko Naya Katha” (“Muna Madan’s New Story”) by Nayan Raj Pandey, Vilaya (Disappearing) tells a common tale of rural village life in Nepal’s far-western hills. This is the story of Maya (Srijana Snehi), her old widowed father Harimaan (Nil Gagan Singh) and her love, Krishna (Saroj Khadka). Maya is torn between wanting to care for her old father, the man she loves, and her father’s wish that his daughter get married. Life takes an unexpected turn, and all seems lost in the chasms between love, migration and deceit.

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Pravin Rokaya


Narayan GC


Anil Maharjan




Pravin Rokaya


Iraku Lama

About the filmmaker.

Pravin Rokaya was born in a difficult-to-reach village called Leki in Bajhang district. He was always drawn towards the arts, dance and plays showcased during festivals. During his teenage years, he started to watch films from around the world, awestruck and deeply affected by them. Rokaya is influenced by Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino, among others. After finishing high school in Nepal, Rokaya went to Melbourne, Australia where, unbeknownst to his father, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Creative Arts (Film and TV).

On returning to Nepal, Rokaya worked as assistant producer on reality shows such as Ko Bancha Crorepati and Roadies 3, and a few documentaries. The pandemic lockdowns allowed him to work on Vilaya. He was also assistant director on the feature 2 Numbari (2022). Rokaya hopes to channel his deep love and passion for films to make good Nepali films.

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