List of films selected for KIMFF 2014

International Competition


1.The Cave Connection - Niko Jäger
2. Sons of Africa - James Becket
3. Days of Tarap(Les jours de Tarap) –Herve Tiberghien
4.Into the Empty Quarter - Black

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Selected Films for Nepal Panorama KIMFF 2013

Competitive Section

1 Chasing Rainbows-Sahara Sharma

2. Don't go so far (Antim Yatra)-Keshab Pande

3. Playing with Nan-Dipesh Kharel/Asami Saito

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Why Poverty - Winners announced

We received 21 entries altogether for the short film competition, Why Poverty?. A three-member jury comprising – development specialist Dr. Pitamber Sharma, film-maker/

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Travelling KIMFF Concludes

Travelling KIMFF Concludes


A specially curated package of films, including the best of KIMFF 2012 (held 7 -11 December) travelled to the Nepali hinterland during Februar

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winners of kimff 2013
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