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Extreme sports, adventure, religion, or distinct cultural practices, human beings relate with mountains in a myriad of ways. In a world whose character and landscapes are rapidly changing, our relationship with mountains is only getting broader, subtler, and more intricate. The growing diversity and complexity of this relationship is what Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) seeks to explore.

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Satellite Event kimff 2015

Mountains and Mountaineers

Abhijeet Singh has always loved being in the outdoors. It allows him to live in the present, feel more alive and become more perceptive of the beauty around him, from lofty mountain peaks to tiny dew drops.


Seismic Shift – Short Film Competition

Kimff is excited to present the best of a video competition of short films - stories of how Nepalis responded during the quake of 25 April and 12 May 2015 and the days immediately afterwards.


Panel Discussion – Trends in South Asian Independent Cinema

How do we understand independent cinema? especially in the context of South Asia. Join panelists Min Bham director of Kalo Pothi, Namrata Raoaward-winning editor of Hindi film Kahani,


‘Know Your Himal’ -Quiz

With Kunda Dixit, Editor of Nepali Times and Amrit Gurung of Nepathya, Nepal’s premiere folk rock band. How well do you know the Himalaya? Nepal? its people and cultures?


Online Photography Competition

You are invited to submit your entries on line to Kimff Photography Competition. These will then be displayed each month at some point during the month you and your friends can vote online for selecting the winning image in each section. The winners will be held over, the following month the process will be repeated. In November all entries will be displayed on line and the final judging will take place by you- the photographers.
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The competition has four sections

  • Culture and Religion
  • Landscapes
  • Faces
  • Urban


  • Maximum entries 2 images per section per month
  • Voting two votes per person per section
  • You will be the judges- Judges word is final!


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