22 min

An Afghan man and his pregnant wife are crossing borders illegally to reach Europe. It is a hard journey with a harsh trafficker. Then, suddenly, it is time to give birth. They are in the midst of a border crossing and the police are all around. When everyone should be quiet, the woman starts moaning, putting others’ lives in jeopardy and inflaming the protests of fellow migrants. The trafficker threatens to kill the woman if she does not calm down. The baby is born, but the woman dies. The man is in a state of shock. When he comes to, he finds himself alone with a baby and a corpse. The other migrants have abandoned them.

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Mohammad Reza Mohammadi


Reza Didar


Hadi Sheibani


Morteza ghayor


Mohammad Reza Mohammadi


Mohammad Reza Mohammadi

About the filmmaker.

Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, an Afghan writer and director,was born and raised in Mashhad, Iran. After making a few amateur short films, he spent a year at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society learning filmmaking. He lived in Sweden, Germany, and France for three years, before returning to Iran in 2021. His short film Nazpari was screened at the Chelkinofest and Sama International Film Festival. Roya is his second short film made in Iran .

Mohmmad Reza Mohammadi

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