Trumpets of the Sky

Lebanon/ France/ Belgium/ Palestine


15 min

Lebanon today. The war in Syria is next door. A once-dreamy and undisturbed  meadow changes drastically in the eyes of Boushra, a 14 year-old who returns from work picking potatoes to learn that her childhood will soon come to an end. With an absent father, her mother sells her into marriage. As she tries to connect with her decaying hometown, Boushra fears her impending departure and becoming a woman. Without dialogue, Trumpets in the Sky is a poetic visual contemplation on landscape and the complexity of human traditions. Part- fiction, part-documentary, and purposely blurring the distinction between the two, the bleak narrative explores a dark socio-political critique of patriarchy, the repercussions of war, and the myth of sacrifice. 

Original Language




Pôl Seif


Rakan Mayasi/ Marie-Rose Osta


Lama Sawaya


Wahid Ajmi


Rakan Mayasi/ François Morisset/ Laura Jumel  

About the filmmaker.

Rakan Mayasi is an independent director, writer and producer from Palestine, born in Germany and based in Brussels. He studied cinema, theatre and psychology in Lebanon and then received film training at the Asian Film Academy in South Korea. He has written and directed several short films. His film Roubama (2012) was an official selection at the Locarno Film Festival. His short film Bonboné (2017), which tackles the phenomenon of Palestinian sperm smuggling from Israeli jails, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won 29 awards for Best Short at film festivals, including the Küstendorf Film and Music Festival and the 40th Moscow International Film Festival.Trumpets in the Sky, his new short, explores cinema as a contemplative medium of visual poetry, metaphor and mythology. Rakan has just completed another short film, The Key, a political/psychological thriller.