Aakhat (Divination)



15 min

In a village deep in the mountains of Nepal, an aging shaman ekes out a living as a farmer. Since his childhood, the villagers have called him whenever they have been plagued by illness and suffering. One day, when he is asked to heal a sick man, his healing powers no longer work. Neither his trance and recitation of mantras nor the sacrifice of a rooster has any effect. The gods do not hear him. Has he become too old to be a healer? In tranquil and contemplative images, Aakhat tells the story of a shaman who is facing the end of his life.

Original Language



Gopal Acharya


Ankit Poudel


Sandeep Shrestha


Samrat Khanal


Gopal Acharya


Prem Prasad Adhikary/ Shankar Dhital/ Gopal Acharya

About the filmmaker.

Gopal Acharya earned his bachelor’s degree in screenwriting and film direction. His short film, Memeh (2017), premiered at the Nepal International Film Festival and another short, Divination (2021) screened at the Film School Fest Munich, London Short Film Festival, VGIK International Student Film Festival, Religion Today Film Festival, Svaneti International Short Film Festival, and Nepal America Film Festival.

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