79 min

Rosh shows the struggles of a young man Radhu, from a remote village in Palpa called East Nisdhi, a traditional settlement with a large number of Magar people. The village is famous for its conservation of the Ghatu dance festival, which is on the verge of extinction. Radhu comes from a family of Jugiya performers, or traditional jesters. But he desires to be the first male Ghatu dancer. His desire is in conflict with his father’s years of struggle to keep the Jugiya tradition alive. This clash of youth versus tradition, or josh versus rosh, is the central theme of this Magar cultural film, which examines the importance of young people in conserving endangered culture.

Original Language

Magar Dhut


Buddya S. Magar (Buddhiman Sunari)


Dipen Basnyat/ (Dipendra Pratap Singh Basnyat)


Dipen Basnyat (Dipendra Pratap Singh Basnyat)


Sanjay Shrestha




Tul Bahadur Saru

About the filmmaker.

Buddya S. Magar is a director, writer, casting director, and music composer. He grew up in Eastern Palpa and now lives in Butwal. Magar’s career began in Indian television being a TCR assistant director on shows such as Prithviraj Chauhan, Sai Baba, and Everest, among others. In 2013, then studied film writing and direction at NFDC Maharastra, India, after which he worked as a casting director for Indian TV ads. Magar has since worked in Bollywood films as a professional casting director and even actor. His credits include the 2016 Chinese film Xuan Zang, Mary Kom, Bagi, and Shivaya, among others. He moved back to his birthplace in 2018 to work as a film writer and director focusing on his Magar community, tradition and culture. His first film in Nepal was Marang.

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