Through the singing villages



33 min

A sound recordist’s encounters with different places, people and their lifestyles. On arduous walks to different villages, he turns inward and associates what he sees with his personal memories and different forms of art he admires. While travelling with a film crew, he focuses on recording useful sounds for the project, but also questions and contemplates the subjects he comes across.

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Samrat Khanal



Samrat Khanal


Samrat Khanal


Samrat Khanal


Samrat Khanal

About the filmmaker.

Samrat Khanal works as a sound recordist for films and documentaries. He has been exploring the audio-visual medium as an observer and a filmmaker since 2017. Films and documentaries he worked on have been selected for festivals like the Berlin International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, International Film Festival of Rotterdam, Tasveer South Asian Film Festival, the Raindance Film Festival and many more. Khanal has collaborated with filmmakers from the US, Australia, UK, Singapore, China and India, and worked for a documentary produced by Channel News Asia. A recent release he worked on is on Netflix, titled Aftershock – Everest and Nepal Earthquake.

Samrat Khanal

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