A Journey of Innocence



10 min

All that the mind of a 12-year-old sees is love, even when society tries to tell her otherwise. The film is an attempt to understand child grooming through the eyes of a child.

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Pratibha Pant/ Kalpana Ban


Pratibha Pant/ Kalpana Ban


Pratibha Pant/ Kalpana Ban


Sudhil Dhital


Pratibha Pant/ Kalpana Ban


Ashma Pokharel/ Nawa Bijaya Prakash Shrestha

About the filmmaker.

  Pratibha Pant is a creative writer and visual storyteller. She draws her inspiration from people, nature, and the everyday. She won the Tony Hagen Foundation Documentary Grant 2021 to make her documentary Bearer of Glass Beads, which premieres at this year's KIMFF. Pant has a degree in Development Studies from the Kathmandu University School of Arts and works with development organizations on socioeconomic, educational, and mental health projects at the  grassroots level. She aspires to bring diverse ideas onto the screen.     Kalpana Ban is an enthusiastic and curious 19 year-old. Alongside studying for her BA at Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus in Biratngar, she is also working on her startup, called Imagine You. Ban’s business idea was selected for the Startup and Innovative Program by the Chamber of Industries Morang.She is also one of the 10 women selected for a documentary workshop by Kipalaya Production and Plan international Nepal. Ban is a mentor in at the Children Film Society organized by the Film Development Board Nepal, British Council Nepal, and others  

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