KIMFF Submission Guidelines

lopinavir protease inhibitor In 2019, the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) will be held from 11-15 December
in Kathmandu, the cultural and cosmopolitan capital of the Himalayan region. It is the 17 th event of KIMFF.
By screening some of the most recent and exciting films about mountain people, cultures ,
societies, environment, sports and adventure from various corners of the world, KIMFF seeks to
celebrate the complexity and diversity of mountain life. KIMFF will organize other special events to
commemorate its 17 th event.
KIMFF will be curating a diverse range of films from Nepali and international makers for KIMFF 2019. The
spotlight will be on amplifying voices from the margins. All films in competition will be viewed by an
international jury. Filmmakers can choose whether or not to submit their films for competition. Accepted
films not selected for competition will be screened and be eligible for the Audience Award. Films made
by Nepalese filmmakers will participate in ‘Nepal Panorama’, a separate showcase of Nepali entries. The
objective of ‘Nepal Panorama’ is to promote Nepali films and nurture the local film community in all
In the presence of filmmakers, film enthusiasts, critics, scholars, authors, journalists, artists, activists and
mountaineers, the festival will include discussion forums, on-demand screenings, guest lectures, and
exhibitions of books, photography exhibitions and workshops for filmmakers.


get link Films made after 1 January 2017 are eligible for entry. To ensure that the full range of mountain issues
will be available to the participants and audience of KIMFF, no restrictions have been set in terms of
discipline, genre, length, and format of the films. The entries can be documentaries, full-length features,
shorts, animation or experimental. Films can be on any theme including ethnography, adventure,
investigative reportage, abstract, or personal narratives.


lopinavir nanoparticles Entry is free of cost. Entries without the duly completed entry form will not be considered. All entries
must be accompanied by a labeled film promo image (800px * 600px/ 72 dpi) for use in the festival
catalogue and promotion. Films once entered cannot be withdrawn. The cost of mailing the films to KIMFF
must be covered by the entrants themselves. The festival will not be responsible for any loss, damage,
and/or delay of films in transit.


All entries must reach the KIMFF Secretariat in Kathmandu by 30 August 2019.


Entries for selection will be accepted only in MP4 format either sent to us by courier, preferably in a
Flash or Portable Hard drive or by a downloadable ‘direct’ link (Google Drive, Dropbox, We Transfer,
Mega etc.). If sent by courier, in order to facilitate customs procedures, the entry package should be
labeled “Only for cultural purpose, no commercial value.”


All entries will be viewed by a preview committee and the selection will be completed by 2 October
2019. The directors and /or producers of accepted entries will be immediately notified and requested to
send copies in professional video formats for screening at the festival. The festival does not send out
rejection letters.
The preview committee will decide whether the films selected for 'Nepal Panorama' will be screened in
the international section.


The professional video format for screening should reach the KIMFF Secretariat by 15 November 2019.
Please note, as a matter of policy
KIMFF will not pay any screening fees.


The format for final submission is preferably in Flash Drive/Hard Drive in the following format though
Blu-Ray video may also be accepted.
Video Container: MP4, MOV, MPG/MPEG, TS/M2TS
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 (Recommended), 1280x720
Video Codec: AVC/h.264/x264 (Recommended), mpeg2
Audio Codec: AC3 (Recommended), AAC
Audio Channels: 2.0 (Stereo) (Recommended), 5.1 (Only in AC3)
Subtitles: Hard Coded (Burnt-in to video on the picture area) (Placing the subtitles on the
bottom black bar of the video is strongly discouraged)
lopinavir coronavirus pills The guidelines provided above should be followed strictly.